Died 24(x) 2006

24 (x) 2006

I knew Kate as one of the first persons to greet me as a fresh attender at Bournemouth Meeting. She had a kindly and gentle smile that one instantly recognised was a true portrayal of her whole personality.

I attended a Hearts & Minds course early in 2005 with Kate. Although, even then, her illness had taken hold she was still able to bring to those of our gatherings that she was able to attend, a special kind of grace.

Kate was well read, and together with her insights and natural warmth and kindliness, was able to impart many gifts and love to those she met.



22 (xi) 06

My perception of Kate’s spirituality has always been extremely high.  Her attitude to the fact that she was terminally ill would be something that we would all aspire to emulate.  Her bravery was beyond anything I have ever known in one so ill.

I will always remember her warmth and sincerity.


P.S.  She would undoubtedly be amused by the length of time it has taken me to write this!