Bournemouth Documents

A Meeting for Healing for Worship.

Stonehenge is on the doorstep of the Bournemouth Friends meeting. It is a place thousands of years old and folk have gathered there for religious and spiritual purposes throughout that time. This account is of a Friends meeting during the Summer Solstice of 2006 for the purposes of healing.


If a Friend wishes to make use of the Meeting House in Bournemouth then it is necessary to ensure that certain essential health & safety as well as housekeeping arrangements are organised well in advance of the event to be run.

This form will aid and facilitate the management of such an event.

fmh _f_20_2 quaker use of premises


This pamphlet produced in 2004 is a review of modern-day slavery with the perspective that slavery has been extant in England and the UK since before the beginning of the second millennia. From Archbishop Wulfstan in 1095, through to William Wilberforce in 1807 until today in 2007, slavery has been a pernicious force within our society. It is contended in this pamphlet that the desire to please, complaisance, is a powerful force that is at risk of overriding the dignity of humanity.

grave thoughts1

This reflection upon the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum near Litchfield ponders the sacrifice of our armed forces personnel and the lessons for their leaders.

Please click and download  Armed Forces Memorial

This encomium by Terry Waite, the Beirut Hostage, shows his appreciation of Quaker worship and tells why he attends Friends meetings. The article, extracted from the Dail Mail newspaper on 7 April describes his fears for the Church of England but asserts his faith that the message of Christ will continue.

terry waite an encomium of quaker worship

Information on where free meals are available within Bournemouth for the hungry, homeless and rough sleepers.

Free meal services

Homeless and unemployed persons have access to several sources of help within the Bournemouth & Poole area.

The attached guide provides contact details for those needing short term emergency accommodation, food, showers and clothing.

FMH (G)11.2_Info_for_Rough_Sleepers