SATURDAY 17 October 2020

10.30 am – 4.00pm

Laurie Michaelis  is the main speaker

What is Quaker about our response to the climate tragedy?

Sit still  and listen, for you are drunk and we are at the of edge of the roof.      Rumi

10.30 am  Open Zoom meeting   

10.45 am  Opening Worship

11.00 am  Session led by Laurie Michaelis : What is Quaker about our

                    reponse to the climate tragedy? 

12..30pm  End of morning session

12.30-2.00 pm  Lunch Break

2.00pm     Afternoon session:  with eco activists  from Local

                    Meetings including participants’ choice of Zoom breakout

                    groups with speakers or exploring responses to the

                   morning session.

3.30 pm   Final Session

4.00 pm   Finish

Laurie Michaelis has been at the heart of Friends witness to the environment over many years.  His writing engages powerfully with two threads of his life that have increasingly come together in the personal witness of many Friends in Britain today: spirituality and sustainability. Recently Laurie has focused on working with sustainability organisations and networks that use Quaker-inspired governance systems.

GLEANINGS  A series of Essays from The Friend by Laurie Michaelis  £5 +postage What is Quaker about commitment to sustainability   Also can be accessed online,  on the online version of The Friend, use   Search : GLEANINGS

QPSW and Living Witness  have drawn on their collective experience to produce the SUSTAINABILITY TOOLKIT to inspire and support meetings to respond to the Yearly Meeting call to action.  See or GOOGLE