Corona Virus Update 02/11/2020
We would normally have a Meeting for Worship
at Bournemouth Meeting House at 10.30 a.m.
every Sunday. Everyone is welcome.
However, during the second lockdown which will last from
Thursday, 5th November to Wednesday, 2nd December, 
the Meeting House has to remain closed.
We hope to resume Meeting for Worship there on Sunday,
December 6th 2020.
In the interim, we can join our Area online Meeting for Worship
via Zoom at 10.30 a.m. each Sunday.
For further information, please contact Pamela at parrob@hotmail.co.uk
or Rosemary at rosemarybrown333@hotmail.co.uk
If you would like to make enquiries about hiring our rooms in the
future, please call our warden on 01202 397806.

Quaker Meetings

Quaker  Meetings are inclusive, diverse, spiritual communities with a place of worship in each town.

If Quaker practice is something you would like to explore, you would be warmly welcomed at one of our meetings. Please see our Meetings pages for details of local meeting times and venues. Children are welcome. There is wheelchair access throughout. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Meetings.

Quakers aim that everyone may experience respect, dignity and justice beyond all barriers of race, ability, sexual orientation, age and gender.