Died November 2007

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14 Dec 2007

Margaret had a quiet presence and it was in this way that she joined in at Meeting during the two years that we knew her. She was happy at Bournemouth Meeting and seems to have found her spiritual home. As with all people who have a quiet nature, there is a big gap now that she is gone. She will be missed. Janet Warren

Nov 2007

Margret was a quiet well-loved attender at our meeting. Her happy and cheerful face was a blessing on all to whom she turned it.

I remember very well in June 2006 that she accompanied a small group of Quakers to the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. The weather was very cold, wet and windy and I was concerned for her well being because she struggled with the long walk from the car park to the Stones. She carried on with the comment “Well, there you go, I have no choice so I must accept the difficulty of this path.”  It was a stoic thing to say and showed great courage in the face of conditions that caused her great physical pain.

I know little of her history except that her German background contained many stories of great sadness and tragedy. These she could relate but only if pressed. She seemed to prefer to just accept the day and to smile upon it.

Stephen Feltham